Things to Know Before Dating in Toronto

If you aren’t from Toronto, the city’s dating scene can seem a lot to handle. People who aren’t local often find some of the things, which tend to occur and are acceptable in relationships, quite absurd. We’ve made a list of these possible consequences of dating (or trying to date) a Torontonian.

The first thing you need to know about dating in Toronto is that casual dates are completely acceptable. Lots of locals engage in casual dating. If both parties are interested, there is the potential to grow and develop a more serious relationship. If not, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Just because it didn’t work out with someone, there is no reason to stop dating. According to the 2016 census, Toronto’s population numbers 2.8 million.

People in Toronto are OK with open relationships. Most locals prefer to keep their options open. They also love eating out. You have lots of options when it comes to restaurants because there’s a new place opening practically every week. The city has every imaginable type of cuisine.

If someone invites you to a “coffee date”, it means things have the potential to get pretty serious. It’s not a rare thing to meet someone who’s avoiding alcohol. People are big on health. What’s even better is that there are lots of nice coffee shops in the city.

If your date lives downtown, they probably do not own a vehicle, but don’t rely on them having one even if they live elsewhere. Young Torontonians, in particular, will choose walking, cycling, and taxis over driving any day.

As we mentioned, people here are quite health-conscious. The chances of you meeting a pilates instructor, someone on a gluten-free diet, or a gym addict is right up there with those of meeting someone without their own car.

None of these facts should lead you to assume that Torontonians don’t care about their jobs. Many of them are too busy building careers to date.

You’ll notice locals are on their phones a lot. Constantly, as a matter of fact. The tendencies of phone addiction have palpably – and regrettably – spread to this part of the world.

The Hottest Nightclub To Party at In Denver

The Hottest Nightclub To Party at In Denver

So, you’re looking for an ultimate fun in Denver but don’t know where to get started? Denver boasts plenty of nightclubs to spend a night in, and we will share them with you. So, keep reading on!

Over the years, Denver has been popularly known for beautiful mountains and beers. Thus, for those who are planning to visit a nightclub, give Denver a try and you’ll surely love everything – from the surrounding to the food and drinks to the music!

  • La Rumba

Do you love Latin dance? If so, La Rumba could become your favorite spot! It plays distinctive styles of Latin music from cumbria, salsa, and bachata to cha cha and merengue. Here, you’ll not see guests with ball caps, flip-flops, tank tops, sports apparel, or shorts – they all dress to impress! Not familiar with salsa? No worries, you can even have a salsa lesson if you want.

  • Beta Nightclub

One of the biggest names in the Denver dance scene, Beta Nightclub boasts a high production value and biggest DJs to spin the newest and best in dance music, dubstep, and techno. Of course, the friendly staffs are another good reason to stay here.

  • The Church

It is one of the most architecturally fascinating nightclubs in Denver. The Church allows people to enjoy dancing to the fullest with the beats of the popular Void Acoustics Incubus Sound system under stained glass windows and Gothic architecture.

  • Club Vinyl

The Club Vinyl is a vertical dance show that features four types of music, four dance floors, and four levels. You can also relax with fire pits, hookahs, heaters, and sweeping mountain city and mountain views.

  • Milk

This nightclub in Denver is literally an underground type. It is a black and white, sophisticated dance lounge. Enjoy the best modern music and a mix of retro jams while drinking your favorite drink.

  • Grizzly Rose

Meanwhile, Grizzly Rose highlights classic dance hall and hinky tonk bar. Guess what? You won’t just experience an awesome night of line dance here; this place also accommodates the best country concerts throughout Denver. In fact, guests love the live music held every night. So, on your next girls’ night out, make sure you’ll bring a good pair of cowboy boots.

  • Tracks Denver

Are you in the hunt if LGBTQ nightclub? If so, then you are searching for Tracks Denver. Dubbed as one of the best in the locality, Tracks proudly presents a well-decorated party place. Not only that, it also serve as a mecca for the all LGBTQ-related activities.

Visiting the top of finest clubs in Denver is perhaps the best thing to do in order for you to enjoy your stay in the city. This busy city has several exceptional nightclubs, bars and pubs that can surely give you the chance to enjoy your life more. With nightclubs in Denver, you can even have the chance to have a more memorable night wherein you will have the opportunity to meet other people.

There you have it. We don’t have other words to say – just have fun!

The Best New Bars in Chicago: Summer 2018

The Best New Bars in Chicago: Summer 2018

Chicago has been long known as a whiskey-and-bar town where locals and tourists flock together to have fun all day and night.

When it comes to good bars you can visit, here are some of the best you can find this year, perfect for your summer break;

Billy Sunday

Owned by critically acclaimed Chef Matthias Merges, Billy Sunday is known for its classic, new creations and vintage drinks like the award-winning Logan Super. At the back bar, you can find one of North America’s largest collections of vintage fernet and Amaro, rare scotch, bourbon and rum. The bar is located at Logan Blvd.

Sportman’s Club

Sportman’s Club is a very layback old-school Chicago spot where you can just chill and relax all day. Opened year 2013, it showcases spirit-forward cocktails, craft beer and wine, amaro machine, and curated bar goods shop. Plus, they have rotating list of cocktails and beer everyday.

Big Star Wrigleyville

If you are into some tacos and cocktails, the best way to go is at this bar. They serve Mexican food along with cocktails in a fantastic patio with a view of the very iconic Wrigley Field. They also serve whiskeys, beers and features very good music.


This bar is in Norwegian sea-monster theme offers cocktails named after beastly characters and seafaring slangs, a.k.a mythological themes drinks. It is located at the lobby of Dana Hotel and is an alternative to louder bars.

Lonesome Rose

This bar is an all-day restaurant and is the latest from the Land and Sea Dept. that comes with two bars. It is presented in a Mexican and Tex-Mex way and offers craft cocktails and hit-or-miss savoury menus. Aside from their Mexican foods and cocktails, they also offer all-day coffee.


Another bar located across from Wrigley Field in the Hotel Zachary, Mordecai serves two bars. One in the ground floor entry which is the rough n’ rowdy Cubs fans, and the other one is upstairs which is the velvet-roped club hoppers. In this bar you will find Alex Bachman, who is known for elevating ordinary drinks with his very intelligent mixing talent.


Since Chicago has long known as whiskey town, Delilah’s is one of the best spots you should go when looking for whiskey. They have more than 300 beers, an insane whiskey selection, DJ’s spinning punk, rock and ska music, and frequent free movie nights. If you want to get punky, visit this bar at Lincoln, Ave.

Longman & Eagle

If you want to go deeper, Longman & Eagle is a sure way to go. They have shelves of more than 400 varieties of whiskey and bars of rare and decades-old vintages bourbons collection. You can try whiskeys for only three bucks. Going to this place will enable you to do the traditional way of doing “eat, drink and sleep”.


Cindy’s is one of the best rooftop bars in Chicago. It is located at Chicago Athletic Association Hotel which offers a fantastic view of the city. It’s overlooking the Grant Park and Lake Michigan. They offer massive portion of American foods served in a well-executed way, and of course, artisan cocktails.



Best Late Night Food in Chicago

Best Late Night Food in Chicago

Midnight snack? Yummm… Another good thing about visiting Chicago is its numerous late night eats specifically for those with night-time schedules or fun lovers who want a midnight bite.

So, forget your restricted diet for the meantime and take time to go to any of these best late night spots in your Chicago visit. Enjoy every delicious bite!

  • Chi Cafe

A bright place with reasonably priced, good food and interesting meal and variety size, Chi Cafe is definitely one of the best places to go in Chicago to have food after a late night partying. From noodle soups and congee to seafood dishes, pork, and beef, your palate will surely get satisfied!

  • Big Star

Heads up taco lovers – Big Star is here to serve the most delicious tacos you extremely crave for. Add it with tequila, a rockin’ patio, mezcal selection, and whiskey to make your midnight food more enjoyable.

  • Ghareeb Nawaz

Located just the corner of Devon Avenue, enjoy a feast with Ghareeb Nawaz. With just 6 dollars in your wallet, you can buy almost anything you like on the menu such as curries, kebabs, and biryanis.

  • San Soo Gab San

If you are a fan of Korean barbeque, take time to stop by at this well-known Korean BBQ restaurant. San Soo Gab San is open late for diners to eat bulgogi, kalbi, and many other banchan side dishes.

  • Little Bad Wolf

Want some burgers to satisfy your craving? If so, the Little Bad Wolf might be the perfect eating spot for you. The menu also offers baos, tacos, and a variety of whiskeys and craft beers.

  • Elly’s Pancake House

Pancake is one of the popular foods in Chicago, and many residents and even guests head to Elly’s Pancake House to get some. And, their reaction will tell you whether it is worthy of your dollars or not. It definitely, is! You can take reservations too!

  • Belmont Snack Shop

You cannot find fancy eggs or pork belly on the menu, but if you are after a delicious omelet you can boast to your friend or co-worker, Belmont Snack Shop is the best place to go. You can also enjoy the additional bucks you will take home with you!

  • Chuck’s Pizza

Love to eat a midnight pizza? Chuck’s Pizza is home to soft, delicate pizzas around the town. You can get one jumbo pie from its Beverly area.

  • Hopleaf

This late night out food spot is a very renowned Andersonville gastropub. Its nighttime kitchen is open until the wee hours on Friday and Saturday. You can order a variety of charcuterie, Pommes Frites, or something that would fulfill the food needs of your taste buds.

  • Johnny’ Beef

Johnny’ Beef is also popular for its burgers and cheese fries. With just a small amount of penny, you can have some and share the delicious taste with your friends. Handmade milkshakes are served as well to dip the fries.

Make your tummy full before coming home from work or while at duty with any of these late night food eaters!