The Best New Bars in Chicago: Summer 2018

Chicago has been long known as a whiskey-and-bar town where locals and tourists flock together to have fun all day and night.

When it comes to good bars you can visit, here are some of the best you can find this year, perfect for your summer break;

Billy Sunday

Owned by critically acclaimed Chef Matthias Merges, Billy Sunday is known for its classic, new creations and vintage drinks like the award-winning Logan Super. At the back bar, you can find one of North America’s largest collections of vintage fernet and Amaro, rare scotch, bourbon and rum. The bar is located at Logan Blvd.

Sportman’s Club

Sportman’s Club is a very layback old-school Chicago spot where you can just chill and relax all day. Opened year 2013, it showcases spirit-forward cocktails, craft beer and wine, amaro machine, and curated bar goods shop. Plus, they have rotating list of cocktails and beer everyday.

Big Star Wrigleyville

If you are into some tacos and cocktails, the best way to go is at this bar. They serve Mexican food along with cocktails in a fantastic patio with a view of the very iconic Wrigley Field. They also serve whiskeys, beers and features very good music.


This bar is in Norwegian sea-monster theme offers cocktails named after beastly characters and seafaring slangs, a.k.a mythological themes drinks. It is located at the lobby of Dana Hotel and is an alternative to louder bars.

Lonesome Rose

This bar is an all-day restaurant and is the latest from the Land and Sea Dept. that comes with two bars. It is presented in a Mexican and Tex-Mex way and offers craft cocktails and hit-or-miss savoury menus. Aside from their Mexican foods and cocktails, they also offer all-day coffee.


Another bar located across from Wrigley Field in the Hotel Zachary, Mordecai serves two bars. One in the ground floor entry which is the rough n’ rowdy Cubs fans, and the other one is upstairs which is the velvet-roped club hoppers. In this bar you will find Alex Bachman, who is known for elevating ordinary drinks with his very intelligent mixing talent.


Since Chicago has long known as whiskey town, Delilah’s is one of the best spots you should go when looking for whiskey. They have more than 300 beers, an insane whiskey selection, DJ’s spinning punk, rock and ska music, and frequent free movie nights. If you want to get punky, visit this bar at Lincoln, Ave.

Longman & Eagle

If you want to go deeper, Longman & Eagle is a sure way to go. They have shelves of more than 400 varieties of whiskey and bars of rare and decades-old vintages bourbons collection. You can try whiskeys for only three bucks. Going to this place will enable you to do the traditional way of doing “eat, drink and sleep”.


Cindy’s is one of the best rooftop bars in Chicago. It is located at Chicago Athletic Association Hotel which offers a fantastic view of the city. It’s overlooking the Grant Park and Lake Michigan. They offer massive portion of American foods served in a well-executed way, and of course, artisan cocktails.



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