Best Late Night Food in Chicago

Midnight snack? Yummm… Another good thing about visiting Chicago is its numerous late night eats specifically for those with night-time schedules or fun lovers who want a midnight bite.

So, forget your restricted diet for the meantime and take time to go to any of these best late night spots in your Chicago visit. Enjoy every delicious bite!

  • Chi Cafe

A bright place with reasonably priced, good food and interesting meal and variety size, Chi Cafe is definitely one of the best places to go in Chicago to have food after a late night partying. From noodle soups and congee to seafood dishes, pork, and beef, your palate will surely get satisfied!

  • Big Star

Heads up taco lovers – Big Star is here to serve the most delicious tacos you extremely crave for. Add it with tequila, a rockin’ patio, mezcal selection, and whiskey to make your midnight food more enjoyable.

  • Ghareeb Nawaz

Located just the corner of Devon Avenue, enjoy a feast with Ghareeb Nawaz. With just 6 dollars in your wallet, you can buy almost anything you like on the menu such as curries, kebabs, and biryanis.

  • San Soo Gab San

If you are a fan of Korean barbeque, take time to stop by at this well-known Korean BBQ restaurant. San Soo Gab San is open late for diners to eat bulgogi, kalbi, and many other banchan side dishes.

  • Little Bad Wolf

Want some burgers to satisfy your craving? If so, the Little Bad Wolf might be the perfect eating spot for you. The menu also offers baos, tacos, and a variety of whiskeys and craft beers.

  • Elly’s Pancake House

Pancake is one of the popular foods in Chicago, and many residents and even guests head to Elly’s Pancake House to get some. And, their reaction will tell you whether it is worthy of your dollars or not. It definitely, is! You can take reservations too!

  • Belmont Snack Shop

You cannot find fancy eggs or pork belly on the menu, but if you are after a delicious omelet you can boast to your friend or co-worker, Belmont Snack Shop is the best place to go. You can also enjoy the additional bucks you will take home with you!

  • Chuck’s Pizza

Love to eat a midnight pizza? Chuck’s Pizza is home to soft, delicate pizzas around the town. You can get one jumbo pie from its Beverly area.

  • Hopleaf

This late night out food spot is a very renowned Andersonville gastropub. Its nighttime kitchen is open until the wee hours on Friday and Saturday. You can order a variety of charcuterie, Pommes Frites, or something that would fulfill the food needs of your taste buds.

  • Johnny’ Beef

Johnny’ Beef is also popular for its burgers and cheese fries. With just a small amount of penny, you can have some and share the delicious taste with your friends. Handmade milkshakes are served as well to dip the fries.

Make your tummy full before coming home from work or while at duty with any of these late night food eaters!

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